Going Under

It's not always rainbows and butterflies.



tagging nsfw is hilarious like it’s just like you’re in a room with a shitload of people and you shout PORN and then some people cover their eyes and others stare at you in anticipation


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Qwear is proud to announce that our writer Bing was selected for the top 10 in the TSBmen August Menswear GiveawayVote for Bing here. and see more shots of Bing’s outfit.

Bing is number 3 now! Let’s get her to first place.

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once my sister got rejected for a job at a web design company that she really wanted to work for so that night she hacked into their website and redirected it to her blog and the next day the CEO called her and hired her on the spot so moral of the story: if at first you don’t succeed, hack their website and make them beg for mercy 

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